Full-height turnstile

Fullheight Turnstile FET-CB01

Robust access control for every environment

The fullheight turnstile FET-CB01 is characterized by its durability and functionality and has been developed especially for the physical access control in outdoor areas without the need to being monitored by personnel.

The passage is very easy and comfortable: After authentication of the user the release signal is being given by a brief start of the rotating unit to signal that the turnstile is ready for passing. The user can then walk through unimpeded. Due to the motorised drive unit it is not absolutely necessary to push the rotating unit; a short impulse by hand or body is sufficient.

After the release signal, the passage can be undone by turning back halfway through the turning movement. If the turnstile is moved further, the user can only leave the turnstile in the released direction. This definitely avoids the user being locked in the turnstile during the passage.

The stainless steel used as the main material for the housing and rotating element is very robust and resistant to scratches, wear and tear and aggressive environmental conditions such as salty sea air.

The extremely quiet drive consumes little energy. The stable drive and locking unit are easily accessible via a lockable maintenance flap.

Areas of application

The turnstile can be used in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors. As perimeter protection of industrial sites and buildings or as employee and visitor access in production plants, airports and ports, sports and leisure facilities.

Technical Details

Housing and portal:
steel, hot galvanized


Rotating unit:
Stainless steel, AISI 304, existing of 11 straight crossbars, electrolytically polished.

Drive and locking device:
Installed in upper compartment and accessible via a lockable maintenance flap.


Control unit:
Fully integrated in upper compartment, all interfaces are supported.



  • Indoor and outdoor use

  • Durable quality for indoor or outdoor use

  • Resistant even in aggressive environmental conditions such as salty air

  • Ease of use thanks to the motor drive

  • No locking in thanks to end point locking system

  • Sufficient space for the integration of reader systems or even CCTV

  • Low energy drive consumes little energy

  • Optional with roof

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