Safety Interlock

Intelligent Interlock for secure material transfer

Intelligent Interlock for secure material transfer

The Safety Interlock PIL-CB02 primarily serves the purpose to transport material from an unsecured area to a secure area while ensuring there is no access by any unauthorized person. In addition to the transport of goods the interlock concept also covers other authorization profiles that optionally allows the access of persons, with or without goods. The unit is used mostly in logistic chains with a high security demand:

  • delivery and distribution within logistic centres
  • transport of goods from unsecured to secured areas at airports
  • material transfer at harbours

The interlock is built modular and can be expanded in width or length on demand. Folding doors instead of hinged doors are available on request. A choice of alarm triggering sensors are available to detect an unauthorized person in the interlock. The sensors can detect even hidden persons, e.g. if someone is hiding in a box (wood, plastic, carton). With these sensors it is also possible to detect left objects inside of the corridor. We also offer other types of sensors, such as optical 3D-sensors, which can be used to ensure single file access of persons.

The goods can be positioned in the interlock by pallet truck. The attempt of an unauthorized person to pass causes a visual or on demand also acoustic warning sound. In this case all doors close, taking personal safety into account, to prevent a complete passage.

The corridor consists of a self-supporting, robust stainless steel profile construction with glass side walls and can be adapted to local circumstances, Also existing componants can be included.. The ceiling can be open, to easily integrate an existing smoke detection system. The ceiling offers sufficient space for the installation of further components.

The stable drive and locking units runs reliable and quiet. Thanks to the service-friendly accommodation of the electronic in the control cabinet, upgrades, maintenance and repairs can be carried out easily.


Areas of application

Versatile use in airports, harbours, logistic and data centres

Technical Details

Modular to be adaptable to environmental demands

Door elements
Full heigth door wings for entrance and exit. Folding doors insteas of hinged doors on request.

Low energy drive system with highly precise safety sensors for 100% personal protection.

CAN-Bus technology ensures consistently high data stability.

Sensor Technology
Innovative sensor technology detects people even in plastic, cardboard or wooden crates.  The performance is independent of the respective lighting or ground conditions.

Thanks to service-frinedly accommodation of the electronics on the control cabinet, installation, upgrades, maintenance and repairs can be carried out easily.

Operating modes

  • One door open, one locked, for the placement or removal of the goods
  • Optional personal access control with identification
  • Cleaning mode
  • Service mode
  • Corridor locked in both directions


  • Progressive sensor technology recognizes also hidden persons
  • Stainless steel body offers the most robust surface
  • Highly reliable and extremely robust drive and locking units
  • Optional operation mode for personal access

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