Tripod Barrier

Tripod Barrier ETB-CB09

Robust and classic solution for every supervised access control situation

Tripod barriers relieve the reception staff when it comes to employee and visitor access control outside and inside buildings, authorities or sports stadiums. They are fast, reliable and classic in design.

The ETB-CB09 tripod barrier is an easy-to-install access solution that is intuitive for users to operate. The polished stainless steel surface is hard-wearing and easy to clean.

The timeless and elegant design is optimally designed for all conceivable applications. It offers enough space for ID, barcode and other commercially available card readers and built-in modules. Even the latest technology face recognition (available with face mask verification) can be added on for additional security.

Our proven control technology effortlessly regulates the flow of people, even at the busiest times of the day. The drive and locking unit is reliable, stable and extremely quiet.

At the push of a button from reception or in the event of a power failure, the upper bar folds down and clears the passage. When the power returns or a button is pushed, the bar is raised again.

Each tripod barrier is equipped with an intuitive user interface, starting with a pictogram for the status display through to easy-to-understand user guidance with LED light visualization.

All components are user-friendly integrated into the housing to make maintenance and component replacement quick and easy.

Technical Details


Housing and tripod bars
Housing and bars are both  made of stainless steel, satin finish, AISI 304, LED-lighting integrated in the cover plate.


Motor driven, foldable crossbars and automatic resetting.


Drive unit
Low energy drive




  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Collapsible bars and automatic repositioning


  • Intuitive user interface


  • Easy maintenance


  • Low energy drive consumes little energy


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